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Rupanya strategi bolasepak juga ditulis dalam Jawi pada 1895

This 1895 football guide was charmingly titled “A Guide to the Ball Game Called Football in English”. The book is written in Malay, in the Jawi (modified Arabic) script.

This page explaining a 2-3-5 formation caught my eye. The various player positions such as “right back” and “left back” were annotated in English and Jawi. The Jawi was not just a translation into Malay of the meaning of the English terms, but a transliteration of the English sounds, i.e. the original English words, but spelt out using the Jawi alphabet, followed by the translations "belakang kanan" and "belakang kiri"! (Even the modern Malay terms, “bek kanan” and “bek kiri”, use a transliteration of the word “back”.)

(MCI Photo by Clement)


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