No Civil War in Syria but Proxy War instead

The “Islamic State” has been created, trained, armed, assisted and funded by the US and its cronies. 

A brief summary of the situation in Syria to put things in perspective.

In the spring of 2011, Washington decided it did not want Assad governing Syria. The reasons? Their own, but all to do with serving American interests.

When Assad refused to obey the “command” to step down, demonstrations suddenly erupted in that peaceful, secular country in the same way as they did in Ukraine when the US decided that it didn’t like the democratically elected government there either. Before long, these demonstrations developed into what the US called an “Arab Spring”, a civil war.

At first, these “rebels” who miraculously found an abundance of weapons took the Syrian forces by surprise and made some territorial gains, however, once the Syrian Army recovered from the initial shock, they moved against these so called rebels who started calling themselves the “Free Syrian Army” and were taking back the ground they had lost to them. All indications were that the “rebellion” in Syria would soon be over.

Around about that time, the US decided to hold joint military exercises for NATO countries and Middle Eastern allies in Jordan, right on the border with Syria. At the end of these exercises, it was announced that a contingent of 15,000 troops, plus heavy weapons would be left behind. (In Jordan, right on the border of Syria.) At the time I had written that we should expect direct US/NATO intervention in Syria on the side of the “rebels” who by this time were in complete disarray and losing to the legitimate Syrian forces.

However, I was wrong in my guess of “direct US/NATO involvement.” What we got instead was a veritable army, complete with heavy weapons appearing out of nowhere. They called themselves ISIS/ISIL and later got more ambitious and gave themselves the grand name of “Islamic State”. Unlike the first “rebels” who with US backing tried to overthrow the Assad government, this lot were an international mix of criminals who made their way to Syria, unhindered, through Turkey and Jordan. In fact it is no secret that they received their training and weapons in those two countries before crossing the border and spreading terror with their savage tactics of beheadings, rapes, burning people alive, selling captured women for the sex trade and much more. These hordes of terrorists with their brand new American weapons, which included heavy armour, and their brand new fleet of Toyota semi-trucks fitted with heavy machine-guns, made spectacular military gains both in Syria and Iraq overrunning the militaries of the two countries and occupying large areas and entire cities in both.

The appearance of this terrorist army, gave the US and its NATO minions the pretext they needed to get “directly” involved in both Syria and Iraq to…..”combat” this threat that could not be handled by the militaries of these countries. After three years of US/NATO involvement, these hordes just got stronger. The USAF and the RAF just kept missing their intended targets and hitting those whom they were supposed to be there to protect and assist. Airdrops of supplies and weapons to their “allies” on the ground, somehow kept ending up in the terrorists’ hands. Washington and London did their best to convince us that their respective air forces were simply….”incompetent”.

Finally, Russia that kept calling “foul” but was ignored mainly because the directed corporate media had already embarked on a campaign to vilify that country and its president, decided it had to get involved, both to safeguard its own interests in that country and also to spare the Syrian people from the inevitable fate that not too long ago afflicted Libya, again through direct US/NATO involvement that reduced that wealthy, peaceful, secular country to a bankrupt state torn by “civil war”.
Russia’s military involvement did not go down well with the Western governments who saw their well-laid plans for the region being upset by a very effective Russian air force that does not miss its intended targets, either with its bombs or with the supplies they regularly drop to the besieged by the terrorists, areas.

The US and NATO and the Russians are, at least on paper, supposed to be fighting the same enemies in Syria. After all, both the “Islamic State” and the branch of Al-Qaeda, that keeps changing name, are recognised by both parties as terrorist organisations (despite John McCain’s posing for photos with the leaders of these groups). Yet, Russia is refused permission to fly over European and NATO countries to bomb these mutually recognised terrorists. Russian ships sailing to the Eastern Mediterranean to contribute to this fight against these terrorists are constantly harassed by NATO ships and refused permission to refuel in Mediterranean ports.

The US/NATO contribution to the “war on terror” intensified since the Russians came on the scene, their “mistakes” multiplied and they are now hitting key Syrian positions by “accident”. They fly over areas where the Syrian allies are operating and the next day accuse the Syrian and Russian air forces of deliberately targeting hospitals in these very areas they had just flown over themselves.
Unsupported claims of “use of chemical weapons by the Syrian forces” keep coming out of Washington and they are immediately echoed by the willing NATO minions and the entire Western corporate media. Even when these claims are debunked by independent, international bodies, that is completely ignored.

My conclusions: There is no Civil War in Syria; there is a Proxy War taking place there. The only people who are really fighting the foreign mercenary terrorists in that country are the Syrians and their allies who are also the only ones who have a right to be there as they have been legally invited to assist. The “Islamic State” has been created, trained, armed, assisted and funded by the US and its cronies.

If you have different views on the US/NATO role in what’s going on in Syria, I and I’m sure a lot of other friends, would be interested in hearing them.

Editor: We received this article from our reader who visited the original source at . We feel that it contains an interesting view on what is currently happening in Syria and its bordering countries. The opinions expressed in this article are the author's own and do not reflect the view of 1Media.My .




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