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PAS youth condemns extreme act by Swedish politician



23 January 2023 | 1 Rajab 1444H

1. PAS Youth strongly condemns uncivilized and extreme act by Rasmus Paludan, a politician from a far right party which also known as Hard Line regarding his act of desecrating a copy of Holy Quran during his protest to Turkiye government.

2. PAS youth sees his action as a manifestation of old politics and hypocrisy from western politics despite the expression of 'civilized politics' which has been actively promoted all these years. It is dissapointing to know that in fact, the reality has been far from truth.

3. We also question the rational behind Rasmu Paludan action to portray unsatisfaction and protest towards Turkiye Government that objected Sweden participation in NATO. Will it be solved by this cheap rhetoric? Of course not!

4. PAS youth calls all of muslim brotherhood across the globe, Islamic movement and Organizations Of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to express our objection and solidarity in defending Islamic values henceforth creating a chain of pressure towards the Swedish government to take action.

5. PAS youth urge the government of Malaysia to call upon the Embassy of Sweden to explain the Swedish government stands and action regarding current situation. We urge the government of Sweden to take swift action and reprimand Rasmus Paludan for his vile and condescending act.


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