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Vernacular schools: political attempt to kill PAS democratic practice?!

It amazes me how some DAP quarters fail to understand the democratic practice that PAS displayed in its 65th annual general assembly (muktamar) recently held.

The point is, Salamiah was a representative of delegates in the assembly. She was just voicing the concerns of various segments in the community at large in retaliation to DAP PH government's interference in to Islamic affairs especially deputy education minster. That's all. She was just bringing up the people's voice!
And did that sting?! Only to those who do not understand the meaning of an assembly.

Salamiah's suggestion was just a 'normal' voice from the grassroots that was brought up in the assembly!

It's not PAS decision!! Period!

My response,on behalf of PAS central Committee,to her proposal was it is the government's prerogative to stop or to continue. I am glad Dr Mazlee, the Education minister agreed with me.
Got the point?

1. PAS response was it's up to you the government ;
2. PAS President's policy speech in the general assembly was themed ' leading unity' and includes a special charter guarantee of non Muslims' rights.
Meaning, PAS has no issue on race, religion and languages.

I am very positive the Non Malays and the Chinese in particular will opt for a rational, stable and principle - based party to govern the nation.
PAS is a real option! A very good one too!!
Just give us the opportunity to explain!
Please... I am sure you won't regret it.
It's okay if you don't agree. But let us explain to you about what PAS is all about.

Thank you DAP for waking us up!

Dr Halimah Ali
PAS Central Committee

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