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UMMAH: Holding dear to our values for our children and grand children

THE conflict between the majority in Malaysia and LGBT activists, is a moral and cultural conflict — it is not racial or ethnic. To be clear, it is not based on notions of Malay superiority or any form of nationalistic chauvinism. We are in conflict over basic values, beliefs regarding what is right and wrong, what is good and bad.

When the majority in a society deem certain behaviours as degenerate and unnatural — like changing one's sex or intercourse between two persons of the same sex — whether that be due to cultural or religious reasons, that is well within our right of belief and expression to hold such values.

And when a certain minority group odiously seeks to marginalize the majority, by forcing their political agenda to centre stage, it is only reasonable to expect that there will be a backlash from those holding dear to long held values, in defense against what we see as an attack on the moral health of our society.

This is particularly the case when a group's "marginalisation" is based on behaviour and choices, not on immutable qualities of birth. And, yes, that can turn ugly very quickly. Of course, we hope that this will never manifest itself in violence; but there is no question that it will manifest itself decisively.

On the part of Gerakan Pembela UMMAH, as a coalition of 300 Islamic Non-Governmental Organisations across the country, we will never allow our fundamental values to be coerced or manipulated out of existence, just to satisfy the lifestyles of the LGBT community.

We are not just living in this country, we are preparing the future of this country for our children – this is something the LGBT community cannot relate to, since they represent the end of their own bloodlines. Two men cannot bear children, nor can two women; and no matter how many hormones a man pumps into his body, and how much he makes himself resemble a woman, he will never have a uterus; no matter what type of surgery a woman has to make herself resemble a man, she will never produce sperm. Their commitment to Malaysia does not reach beyond their own selfish personal lives. The rest of us must think about what kind of society we want for our children and grand-children.

LGBT activists have been pushing their agenda in Malaysia so hard, and have made so many advances in such a short span of time; they have achieved such a level of political clout, that our regional neighbors are bewildered and amused by our apparent obsequiousness. A transgender activist only has to send a message on social media to a government minister to not only secure a face-to-face meeting with him, but even gets to have a joint press conference with him! Who else has this kind of access?

Are the majority expected only to witness and do nothing, as our most deeply held beliefs berated and mocked in the media by LGBT advocates — we are all backward, primitive, oppressive and hateful, while the LGBT community is enlightened, compassionate, special, brave, etc, etc — seriously? And they expect that there wouldn't be any backlash?

If the current trend continues, one could be sure that there would certainly be backlash, and there will be more, and no one can guarantee what form that will take. For years no one cared about your personal sexuality, Gays even had their nightclubs and gathering places; the laws against Gay sex were seldom enforced; but they were not satisfied to leave well enough alone. They have stirred this conflict, and they are pushing the majority into a position where we have to take a decisive stand.

Malaysia is a tolerant and moderate nation, and we have tolerated the LGBT community for years in a civil manner. We agreed to disagree; but now they are trying to force us to agree, so now they will inevitably see the full force of our profound disagreement.

Tuan Aidil Khalid UMMAH's legal bureau representative

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