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Statement of apology to YB Siti Zailah

1. Earlier, I posted a tweet in response to a news article published on Malaysiakini with the headline "SIS : Underlying tone in Siti Zailah's 'advisory' video wrong. My earlier tweet on YB Siti Zailah was based on the content of said article.

2. Having viewed YB Siti's original video later, I no longer find her statement to be objectionable. In her video, YB Siti offered general and holistic advices on how to manage household conflicts during the MCO.

3. In the same video, she also urged victims of domestic violence to call for help, and provided a ministry-run helpline for that purpose.

4. As such, i would like to offer my humblest apology to YB Siti Zailah, and seek for her forgiveness. I made the mistake of making judgment too quickly based on one sided sources, and should not have done so, verily. This mistake was done by me and me alone, and does not imply the stand of my party.

6. I would like to reiterate that this statement of apology is not an excuse for young politicians like myself to continue incurring mistakes of similar nature. I shall endeavour to be more vigilant and diligent in vetting my social media postings in the future.

7. I also urge members of the public to not repeat my mistake of jumping into conclusion so quickly before vetting the source of information with due diligence.

8. Now is when we must stand hand in hand to face the COVID-19 pandemic and remain steadfast in this cause. We must not be swayed and distracted from confronting the pandemic head on. In this regard, MCA youth shall continue to do our part in helping affected communities by providing them with essentials.

Thank you.

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