The original inhabitants still do not have Mykad

The problem of Sarawakians living in rural areas as well as scattered and far from the City Center makes it difficult for them to have their identity card or MyKad including birth certificate.

This problem has caused many people who are entitled to government assistance to live in uncertain circumstances because they are considered non-citizens. Some of them have to live like illegal immigrants who have no identity documents.

While foreigners who do not speak the Malay language and do not know their origins can be granted citizenship, the government should pay attention to the fate of the indigenous people by giving them a priority as lawful citizens.

We received a complaint about the fate of a resident of Bedari, Sungai Keladan, Tatau, Bintulu who lived in a longhouse. The name of the complainant, Rantai Anak Balang, who has complained to us until now he was not given MyKad because he did not have any personal documents.

According to him, his wife and children had an identity card and birth certificate while he as the head of the family could not have MyKad. He had evidence that he was indeed a resident of the village with the support of the longhouse chief.

According to him, he had previously sought the help of his friends, but the NRD was still unable to help him despite being promised that his application would be processed.

Thousands of ringgits have been spent solely on MyKad. He has also sought the help of those who work in government departments to obtain MyKad but it still fails and is just frustrating because nothing can be done.

We urge the government, especially the Ministry of Home Affairs (KDN) and the Sarawak Government to do something to help Sarawakians who do not have identification cards are given rights as citizens.

Help them get their rights by facilitating their affairs, even if they do not have complete documentation. They also have the right to be recognized as citizens because their descendants have lived long and far in the interior of Sarawak.

Collaboration with the relevant authorities and those directly involved in solving this problem is greatly appreciated.

Jofri Jaraiee is Sarawak PAS Commissioner cum Miri PAS Chief

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