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COVID-19: Global Spread, Singapore Tops, Malaysia Wins

The last updated, June 15, 2020, 14:21 GMT, the World recorded COVID-19 pandemic are 8,028,785 cases. What’s wrong of our World?

The currently infected patients are 3,444,187, from this sum of, around 3,389,649 (98%) in Mild Condition and 54,538 (2%) Serious or Critical.

As the result of 8,028,785 cases are 4,584,598 cases which had an outcome: the recovered/discharged are 4,148,309 (90%) and the deaths 436,289 (10%).

From the which total cases of world record the United State are 2,163,338 (26.9%) and the following are Brazil 867,882 (10.8%) and Russia 537,210 (6.7%).

Updating for our Malaysia, the numbers of COVID-19 pandemic are 8,494 cases, the resulting from the 41 new cases. On the same development are 973 the active cases in ward, 121 deaths and the 7,400 cases are recovered.

Today record (June,15), should be better to know the compare with three countries from the Southeast Asia – Singapore, Indonesia and Philippines. In the Asia Ranking, the sequences are Singapore, Indonesia and Philippines.

So far, Malaysia is the real recovered of 87% the patients, leads than Singapore on 72.5%. Ins sya Allah, Malaysia in run to reach the winning country.

Hanya pada Mu Ya Allah kami bermohon dan bertumpu bantuan. Amiin.


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