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PAS first to launch its Labuan election manifesto

Labuan: PAS launched its 14th General Election (GE14) manifesto here, Wednesday, signalling its firm intention to contest in Labuan and not giving Barisan Naisonal (BN) an easy ride despite the island being a BN stronghold.

The 11-point manifesto, launched by PAS Federal Territories Commissioner Tuan Mohd Noor Tuan Mohamad, aims to put Labuan on a higher pedestal of prosperity. The highlights were:

- Enhance Islamic excellence on the island.

- A people's foundation for locals.

- Upgrade the Labuan Nucleus Hospital with more specialists and equipment.

- A fully residential secondary religious school.

- Ensure the proposed Labuan-Menumbok bridge is implemented with integrity and full transparency.

- Aid for local fishermen.

- Uplift the status of products which have tourism potential.

- Diversify the range of products available in the duty-free market of Labuan (present focus is on booze and fags).

- Affordable homes at below RM100,000.

- Free water supply for certain quality and subsidied rate for 10M3 for every home.

- Fifty per cent of jobs for Labuan-born locals.

Prior to the launching of the manifesto, a motorcade and a motorbike convey weaned through several villages waving the PAS flag by the PAS Youth wing.

Also present were Labuan PAS Chief Hamir Zahari, his deputy AL Fadhil Ustaz Junai Mohd Aly and other committee members.

PAS has been contesting the Labuan parliamentary seat since 1999. It lost in all its outings and in the last election in 2013, its candidate secured 386 votes out of the total turnout of 19,377.

But that year, due to an electoral pact with PKR, PAS did not campaign during the polls. Sohan Das

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