Terima kasih kepada semua pengundi.......

More than ½ year without new Prime Minister or Cabinet (DON’T PANIC)

In 2 recent election in the country that I have been residing (NETHERLANDS)

1. Election Date Finish – 15 March 2017
2. New Cabinet – 26th Oct 2017

1. Election Date Finish – 19 March 2021
2. New Cabinet – 10th Jan 2022

The reason for the long period between election and formation of the cabinet is due to negotiation & renegotiation between all major parties that won seats; but not enough to form the government. Like it or don’t like it ; they have to sit together and find a compromise. (Btw – they ended up with 3 x Deputy Prime Minister😊).Does this makes Netherlands bad? Not at all. In fact ; Netherlands is the world leader in so many fronts.

When there is no dominance of a single party to form a government; everyone have to negotiate to come in to power and govern.If you support democracy, then I think you will agree that dominance of a single party or a single coalition works both ways.

It might be stable to govern/take decisions but it is also easy to be misused. A dominant party / coalition could easily become power hungry, tyranny could sets in and the rest will be history. This was also the dissent over many years on BN’s 2/3 dominance in Malaysia and the eventual down fall in 2018.

So, what happening right now is the process of “maturing democracy” in Malaysia. No parties are large enough (which should be good in the context of preventing “I’m the might”),so they need to negotiate. Yes ; it seems that some will need to “jilat ludah sendiri” ; which looks ugly. But, just bear in mind that this will also teach the politician to be careful next time.

Politician will be forced to avoid white & black situation. There is always a grey condition. Politician will be pushed to be careful on what they fight for and attack upon, are really to benefit of everyone; not only for a fraction of their own circle. They will be forced to stop attacking each other over petty /micro & personal issues and focus on more global / macro issues. They have to; as they will be forced to work with multiple parties over period of time.

It also forces the empowerment of the public officials to run the daily business of the government; rather than needing the politician (ministers) to be there for every single decisions. (while the politicians are busy negotiating – that could take some time)  

As for us the rakyat; let’s do the same and embrace the process of maturing democracy that is happening right now. Respect each other and argue for the sake of fairness and benefit for everyone (and not for self). Right is right & wrong is wrong ; which ever side of the fence we sit. No one is perfect, and everybody make mistakes as a person need to make thousands of decisions in any given day. Judge by the ratio of the good vs bad someone does and don’t micro scope only the bad ones.

Peace everyone.

An amateur political observer.😊

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