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New Millennium Eid Idul Fitri Celebration

PAS Miri has held a Ramadan Pilgrimage Program and Hari Raya Contribution to Asnaf Fakir and Miskin which was held around Kampung Tudan and its surroundings. The program, which is held every year, aims to ease the burden on the families concerned.

In conjunction with Hari Raya Idul Fitri 1442, PAS Sarawak would like to say a few words to all Malaysians in general and in particular to the people of Sarawak who may not be able to return home to celebrate Hari Raya with their families and parents this time, so that they persevere and be patient-facing this test.

The positive cases of COVID-19 in Sarawak today are on the rise and worrying, so we must abide by the government’s directive so that those who wish to return to the village should cancel their intention to safeguard the safety and health of their beloved family.

Despite not being able to meet physically as before, the bond of brotherhood among Muslims has become an obligation for every Muslim to continue. With the convenience of the application now they can connect through the virtual world by seeing and talking to their loved ones. Granted, this is not the same as face-to-face, but in order to maintain safety and health, we must prioritize the obligation to prevent the COVID-19 epidemic from further spreading.

Everyone wants to celebrate Idul Fitri, including those in the front line who have to treat and care for patients.

if we do not follow the SOPs and violate the orders of the Ministry of Health then the problem will become more complicated. Frontline staff and officers also do not have time to be with their families if they have to treat the increasing number of COVID-19 positive patients. Don’t be so selfish as to neglect the shared responsibility to prevent this COVID-19 epidemic from spreading further.

If Malaysians want the COVID-19 epidemic to be reduced, let us all abide by the SOPs and take care of our health as best we can.

So let us take care of ourselves, and continue to stay at home with our beloved family. Although we cannot meet face to face, hands cannot serve each other. May this Eid greetings be a bridge to a day full of victory. Happy Eid al-Fitr 2021/ 1442H.

Yours faithfully,

Jofri Jaraiee
Sarawak PAS Commissioner cum Miri PAS Chief

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