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PKR and AMANAH appearance in social media can be seen less significant. Trends, however, does not indicate preference but rather being actively quoted in social media platform.

Parties that are actively being mentioned are UMNO, PAS and BERSATU:

Mentions of these parties can be seen spiked starting on 3rd of January due to UMNO’s division general meeting which proposed UMNO to abandon the Perikatan Nasional government.

The spike of mentions about UMNO were regarding:
6th January: Press statement by the sacked BN secretary, Annuar Musa regarding moves within UMNO that are trying to charter a different path for the party.

The spike of mentions about BERSATU were regarding:

7th January: Comments regarding BERSATU Supreme Leadership Council (MPT) meeting at the late hour on the 6th of January, after moves by majority of UMNO’s division to propose UMNO retraction from the Perikatan Nasional government.

The spike of mentions about PKR were regarding:
13th December: Discussions regarding a screenshot of AMK Central Committee criticising PKR president Anwar Ibrahim that went viral.

1st January: Comments on Najib Razak post which mentioned that PKR should not blame Mahathir for their loss in several PRK.

7th January: News on PKR president Anwar Ibrahim's former aide, Saiful Bukhari Azlan joining BERSATU.

The spike of mentions about AMANAH were regarding:
26th December: Mentions on Konvensyen Nasional Parti AMANAH

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