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GPS Is Better Than DAP

Among the major changes expected by Sarawakians after GE14 was the return of 20% of oil and gas royalties. But it failed to given by the Pakatan Harapan government. Unfortunately, no Pakatan Harapan (PH) minister from Sarawak has voiced and demanded the results needed for the development of the state.

Unfortunately, the promise of the manifesto is just a promise. The DAP, known for its outspoken voice, also awe to voice out to Prime Minister Tun Mahathir for the demand. To date, there has been no good news or benefit project for the people of Sarawak.

Leaders such as Chong certainly dare to play the racist sentiment and that also reflects his party's true face. Due to the scarcity of issues to fight for, he is willing to bring into conflict the PAS-UMNO coalition for their political interests.

The people of Sarawak should not be fooled by Chong as PAS-UMNO cooperation will not exist in Sarawak as its "basis" is no UMNO presence in Sarawak. Sarawak should be worried as the longer the PH rule the worse the fate of the people of Sarawak is. Formerly the DAP had a SARAWAK IMPIAN project, it is now a government but the people of rural Sarawak are no longer concerned.

For the record, many projects that should have been under the federal government have been implemented by the Sarawak state government such as bridges connecting Sarawak's cities. The Federal Government through the Finance Minister, also from the DAP, also disagreed with the implementation of the 5% petroleum products sales tax. The tax is necessary for the benefit of the people of Sarawak. How can we trust DAP in administrate our state?

I urge the DAP to stop playing the role of racist agent that divides peace and racial harmony in Sarawak. The people of Sarawak are aware that the DAP is focused solely on helping the Chinese community and does not care on the needs of Sarawak indigenous.

Zharudin Narudin is PAS Sarawak Information Chief

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