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PAN @ Parti Anak Negeri. Dato' Henrynus Amin, Presiden PAN.


KOTA KINABALU: Parti Kerjasama Anak Negeri (PAN) and Parti Cinta Sabah (PCS) Friday signed what is believed to be the first ever electoral pact between KadazandusunMurut parties and is likely to contest at least 22 seats in the State this coming general election (GE14).

The new partners are however open to other opposition parties, including Parti Warisan Sabah and Pakatan Harapan, with the message – “We can work with them, but not for you.”

Based on remarks made by Bumburing and Henrynus, it would seem that this partnership would not be willing to work with Gabungan Sabah, an opposition coalition of which PCS was once a component.

Although no mention was made on the number of parliamentary seats they would contest, it is believed that seven or eight federal seats have been identified.

Henrynus Amin, the president of PAN and Wilfred Bumburing, who leads PCS, signed the pact on behalf of their respective parties and witnessed by their supreme councils as well as members.

Bumburing, who is Assemblyman for Tamparuli will lead the pact; the PCS symbol will be used by all those contesting seats under this new alignment.

“How many seats and which constituency each party would contest have yet to be finalised,” said Bumburing, who also declared he would only be defending his Tamparuli State seat.

Henrynus, who was once Kinabalu Member of Parliament, said he would contest in Kundadang but has yet to decide if he would go for a Parliamentary seat as well.

Speaking to reporters after the signing of the pact, Bumburing said fellow opposition leaders need to be pragmatic and see the need to compromise in their effort to topple the Barisan Nasional.

“Our doors are not shut to Shafie Apdal and Warisan Sabah, but they must be willing to agree not to be the dominant party,” he said.

Henrynus chipped in: “A good politician knows when to compromise. I can also make allegations and insinuations, but I won’t retaliate.

“But we also have credible KDM personalities to be fielded. Three of them are PhD holders and several others are businessmen. We only want to see KDM rights protected.”

Earlier in his speech, Henrynus said out of the 60 State seats, 25 are considered to be KDM/Momogun; of which 17 are KDM, three Murut, three Sungai and two Bisaya.

He said the pact’s immediate aim in to form an ‘Anak Negeri’ ( KDM/Momogun) bloc in the State Assembly to influence policy decisions.

Henrynus denied PAN was an Umno-sponsored party or that it received financial aid from the BN, saying his detractors should provide the evidence or come out with a firm accusation instead of making insinuations.

Bumburing meanwhile said GE14 is crucial in changing the current government and in preserving the dignity of the Anak Negeri.

He added that among its priorities is to fight to ensure that the Malaysia Agreement 1963 is implemented immediately.
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