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PBS hopeful new Sabah seats approved before GE14

PAPAR: Party Bersatu Sabah (PBS) is hopeful that the proposed 13 new state constituencies will get the Parliamentary nod in time for inclusion in the next general election.

"I know the people are very excited about these 13 new seats, but the Election Commission (EC) can only include them for GE14 after it has been presented in Parliament, and PBS is hopeful it will be done in the next meeting," PBS secretary-general Datuk Johnny Mositun (pic) said after officiating at the joint opening of the Pantai Manis, Kawang and Kimanis PBS divisions here on Sunday.

Mositun said many delegates had asked him about the matter because one of the proposed and approved new state constituencies was Limbahau in the Papar Parliamentary constituency.

"Their concern is understandable because they have been looking forward to this for a long time. They will be greatly disappointed if for any reason the new constituencies cannot be approved in time for GE14.

"As Pantai Manis PBS Division Chief, I can understand just how frustrated and disappointed they will feel. I hope the uncertainty will be removed quickly by the state government and Parliament as GE14 may be called earlier than scheduled for 2018," he said.

Mositun added that PBS wished to thank the authorities for their quick and effective action in assisting victims of recent floods in the district.
Mositun said much had already been done in terms of flood mitigation programs for the district over the years but continuing development and population pressures meant there could be no let up since the weather was not something that can be controlled by man.

"In this context, we are happy and thankful to the Federal Government for providing the state with a generous allocation of over RM200mil for flood mitigation projects on a sustained basis, he said adding that Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman has also been constantly monitoring instances of natural calamities.

Mositun said he had also been asked by delegates to the AGMs about the royal commission of inquiry (RCI) on illegal immigrants in Sabah.

He said many were annoyed about being constantly criticised by the public as nothing had come of the Report prepared which was submitted to the Federal Government for action.

"They are not happy that PBS is being blamed and unfairly accused of not doing its job just because Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kitingan was the chairman of the working Committee. They feel embarrassed because so far the government has not given any details or explanation on the RCI," he said adding that PBS wanted Putrajaya to respond to the concerns of Sabahans with regards to the RCI Inquiry.

For my part, I told them that I would bring this matter to the party acting president. He can then take it up with the Chief Minister who could then liase with the Deputy Prime Minister who is handling this particular matter. Hopefully some early explanation can be made. We don't want to be burdened with this matter in the GE14 campaign," Mositun said.

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