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UMNO's Support for Akmal Salleh Prompts Call for Its Removal from Malaysia's Unity Government

• Professor Dr. Mohd Tajuddin Mohd Rasdi, a former advocate for UMNO's inclusion in the Unity Government, now believes that the party no longer deserves to be part of the coalition due to its unwavering support for extremist politician Akmal Salleh.

• Akmal Salleh's bullying of KK Mart and his divisive rhetoric have led Professor Rasdi to label him as the worst politician in Malaysia's history, even surpassing controversial figures like Sanusi and Hadi.

• The author warns that allowing UMNO and Akmal to continue their actions will lead to fascism and irreparable damage to the country, urging Malaysians to stand up against their oppressive tactics.

• Professor Rasdi calls on Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim to advise UMNO to either realign with Malaysian values or leave the Unity Government, suggesting that the coalition can still function without UMNO and that its departure may ultimately lead to its demise.

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