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Malaysian solidarity for Palestinians changing international opinion on Israel

KUALA LUMPUR: The solidarity showed by Malaysian social media users in support of the Palestinian plight is changing public opinion at the international level on the Israeli regime and its crimes against humanity.

Palestinian Cultural Organisation Malaysia (PCOM) Chairman Muslim Imran said Malaysia's virtual war against the Zionist regime, using the hashtag #IsraelKoyak among others, has proved to be influential and effective.

Over the past week, the hashtag has been used by Malaysian and Indonesian social media users to mock the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and its plan to seek out Palestinian resistance movement Hamas operatives both in and out of the Gaza strip which allegedly also includes places such as Malaysia.

"The various social media platforms have been flooded with anti-Zionist sentiments and what Malaysian social media users are doing is of great help for us Palestinians as this is a direct contribution to our decades of struggles.

"We appreciate and salute all Malaysians who have been spending their time to tweet and post all sorts of information on what's really happening in Gaza.

"This solidarity is very important because now, we can see significant changes in public opinion in the West and the entire international community," he said when contacted.

A coalition of non-governmental organisations (NGOs), MyAqsaDefenders, launched the #ShameOnIsrael and #IsraelKoyak campaigns on social media platforms which received overwhelming support by Malaysian netizens.

The campaign began over a week ago after news on Israeli army throwing stunt grenades inside Al-Aqsa Mosque when Muslim worshippers were praying became viral.

Despite the regime's attempt to blame Hamas for retaliating against the Israeli's violence, Malaysian social media users continued to show solidarity for the Palestinians.
"We found that some Malaysians lost their social media accounts simply for showing solidarity with the Palestinians but we salute their continuous determination.

"Malaysia's support in terms of political, diplomatic, financial and cyber efforts are very important and useful.

"We are winning the moral battle because of this contributions, so please continue the efforts," he said.

As of press time, Israeli airstrikes have killed 213 Palestinians including 61 children in Gaza while rockets fired by Hamas have killed 10 people in Israel including a child, according to officials on both sides.

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