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Singapore dah daruratkan sempadan 3 bulan...!

KOTA TINGGI: The Singapore Government will be suspending the Reciprocal Green Lane (RGL) with Malaysia for three months starting on Feb 1.

Other than Malaysia, Singapore would also be suspending the RGL with the Republic of Korea and Germany.

In a statement, the island republic’s Home Ministry said its government regularly reviews its border measures to manage the risk of importation and onward local transmission of Covid-19 from travellers.

“Given the resurgence of Covid-19 cases worldwide, Singapore will be suspending the RGL arrangements with Germany, Malaysia, and the Republic of Korea, for a period of three months beginning from Monday (Feb 1).

"Singapore will review the RGL arrangements at the end of the suspension period. Travellers who have already been approved to enter Singapore under these RGL can continue to do so, ” it said.

The statement also said that Singapore would continue to monitor the global situation and adjust border measures to manage the risk of importation and transmission to the community.

“Any changes to border measures will be updated on the SafeTravel website. Travellers are advised to visit the website to check for the most updated border measures, ” it added.

Besides RGL, both Malaysia and Singapore also carried out Periodic Commuting Arrangement (PCA) to allow cross-border travel between the two countries during Covid-19 pandemic.

The RGL enables cross-border travel for essential business and official purposes between Malaysia and Singapore, for up to a maximum of 400 people a week, for stays up to two weeks.

PCA, on the other hand, allows residents of both countries who hold long-term immigration passes for business and work purposes in the other country, to enter that country for work, up to a maximum of 2,000 people a day.

Malaysia and Singapore have been using the RGL and the PCA since Aug 17 last year.

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