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Memahami ICERD

Oleh: Dr Ishak Ibrahim
Penganalisis Politik

Article 19 
1.  Convention shall enter into force on the thirtieth day after the date of the deposit.

Article 20
2. A reservation incompatible with the object and purpose of this Convention shall not be permitted, nor 
shall a reservation the effect of which would inhibit the operation of any of the bodies established by this Convention be allowed. A reservation shall be considered incompatible or inhibitive if at least two 
thirds of the States Parties to this Convention object to it.

Article 22 
Any dispute between two or more States Parties with respect to the interpretation or application of this 
Convention, which is not settled by negotiation or by the procedures expressly provided for in this 
Convention, shall, at the request of any of the parties to the dispute, be referred to the International 
Court of Justice for decision, unless the disputants agree to another mode of settlement.

Ada tiga isu.
1. Artikel 19 menyatakan "Shall enter into Force".
Bukan sekadar suka-suka bila ada perkataan "Berkuatkuasa".

2. Artikel 20 
Reservation pula tidak diterima jika bertentangan dengan matlamat ICERD.
Tentulah Reservation utk "Keistimewaan Orang Melayu" tidak akan diterima.

3. Artikel 22.
Bawa kes ke ICJ bila ada pertikaian.
Tentulah ICJ keputusannya ada binding..bukan suka2, bazirkan duit sahaja.

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