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Ex-MB To Campaign For PAS To Prevent DAP Controlling Selangor

(Malaysiakini) – Former Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim has announced that he would campaign for PAS in the coming general election.

However, the independent Port Klang assemblyperson said he would not join the Islamist party.

According to a Sinar Harian report, Khalid would be campaigning for PAS in order to prevent DAP from controlling the state, which he led for more than five years.

He said that PAS has a good chance of administering Selangor with leaders who are responsible and with integrity.

“Some have asked why I don’t join PAS… I don’t need to join in order to work with PAS.

“If I join PAS, I will change the structure in PAS and people will say I joined PAS because I want positions, so let me be free in this aspect,” he added.

Khalid said PAS must be patient in facing the prospect of being needled by various quarters during the 14th general election with statements that are taken out of context.

The former menteri besar noted how during the last general election, some believed that Pakatan Rakyat would be defeated in Selangor since the state Umno chapter was headed by Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak with an allocation of almost RM15 million.

“We only spent RM1.3 million for the election campaign but we still won.

“This means money is not the factor which determines victory but we need sufficient funds to face the election,” he told a PAS ceramah last night.

Khalid, a former PKR member, was removed as menteri besar through the infamous “Kajang Move”.

He was later sacked by PKR. Khalid is also the MP for Bandar Tun Razak.

Last week, Malaysiakini reported that PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang is seeking to form the state government in Selangor but has not decided on the number of seats his party would contest.

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