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The Oppression Of The Rohingya: The World Should Not Be Silent

The mission of the Rohingya ethnic cleansing is still going on without solutions, even the gluttony military regime of Myanmar and the Rakhine Buddhist extremists terrorize without humanity.

The latest attack in the village of Buthidaung and Maungdaw Rathidung in Myanmar has killed more than 500 people; men, women, old people and children, the houses burned and the number is growing. They now suffer from homelessness and they have no place to go. They were forced to become refugees in their own country. Their lives are threatened every time with the goal to wipe off them from map of Myanmar.

The world must realize that the issue of Rohingya’s oppression is a humanitarian issue, where it exposed several issues that underlie the story; the issue of human rights, discrimination against minority groups of the majority, the ethnic cleansing of the Muslim community, the failure of international organizations and regional solve it, the military violence and barbaric nature of modern society in oppressing people. The attentions from the world are needed.

Countries that signed the Charter of Human Rights, the Charter of Geneva, the countries of ASEAN, the United Nations, the Islamic countries of the OIC, the Islamic State Councils and all human rights defenders must work together to warn the government of Myanmar whose violate the human rights and deny the citizenship of the Rohingya community.

The Malaysian government is have to cooperate and proactively act with other countries, the political parties, NGOs and the international agencies, which not only to send a humanitarian mission, but also to give political pressure on the government of Myanmar in respect of humanitarian rights. Political power plays an important role to stop this persecution.

Islam is more precedent in safeguarding the rights of Muslims and non-Muslims as well as the foreign refugees which living in the Islamic country with multiracial populations. Cultivating a civil society requires mutual understanding and respect between nations and races are the basis of harmony under the rule of Islam, by giving precedence to peace and take diplomatic and diplomacy, so that the arrival of Islam to other countries is considered savior instead of colonialist.

PAS will send a humanitarian mission through PASRelief and NGOs and negotiate with governments and international agencies to put an end to this barbaric cruelty to return to the negotiating table.

I urge all Malaysians and the international community, let us unite and work together on humanitarian grounds. Let us constrain the government of Myanmar to accept the rights of Rohingya community and resolve this conflict peacefully.

Prophet Muhammad SAW said:

مَن لَمْ يهتَمَّ بأمرِ المُسلِمينَ فليس منهم   

"Whoever does not care about the affairs of the Muslims then he is not part of them"

"Harmony with Islam"

PAS President 

Date: 8th Zulhijjah 1438H / 30th August 2017
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