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10 Resolution Wraps Up Nadwah Ulamak of Ijtimak Kelantan 2017

July 23, 2017

10 Resolution Wraps Up Nadwah Ulamak of Ijtimak Kelantan 2017

KOTA BHARU, 22 July: The International Nadwah Ulama (Asia Region) which took place on 27 & 28 Syawwal 1438H, coincidentally 21 & 22 July 2017 M at Convention Hall, Kelantan Trade Centre co-organized by Kelantan State Government and International Union of Muslim Scholars hereby solemnly declare 10 agreed resolutions as follows:

1) Institution of the Union of Asian & Far East Muslim Scholars, with the headquarters in Kuala Lumpur to centralize and champion issues surrounding the Muslim ummah.

2) Establishment of bilateral consensus between majority-Muslim countries and minority-Muslim countries to strengthen efforts for the deen and consequently provide protection for vulnerable Muslims.

3) Deliberate efforts to ensure that all problems and issues of Muslim countries and the Muslim ummah do not involve foreign intervention (the West) during efforts of reconciliation.

4) Pioneer efforts to harmonize khilafiyyah issues in the society as to stop enemies of Islam from creating disunity of the Muslim ummah.

5) Endeavor in the development of Islamic knowledge in the society in respective countries using the various opportunities present.

6) Take serious initiatives in breeding the next generation of ulama who can sustain ulama leadership in countries within the Asian region.

7) Accommodate conflicts and issues of oppressed and helpless Muslims especially those residing in minority-Muslim countries such as Checnya, Pattani, Rohingya, Kasymir, Xinjiang province and others.

8) Firm condemnation on the cowardly actions of the Zionist regime which closed Masjidil
Aqsa from public with the sole reason to destruct the mosque.

9) Education of the society especially the Muslim ummah that Islam is a religion promoting peace, harmony and moderation, in an effort to eradicate 
adalah agama pembawa radicalism amongst the ummah.

10) Unite and channel ongoing efforts of ulama to restore Islamic civilization in this region which can act as a model for global Islamic civilization.

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