Give opposition a voice in Sandakan, says Linda Tsen

SANDAKAN POLLS | As Sandakan enters its 14-day campaign period, Linda Tsen has urged the voters to end the ruling coalition's monopoly of federal and state seats in the Sandakan area.
The Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) candidate said that electing her would ensure a better check-and-balance against the Warisan-led state government and Harapan federal government.

Tsen said she knew the challenges of being an MP as she was Batu Sapi parliamentarian for eight years and six months. Batu Sapi is the parliamentary constituency adjacent to Sandakan.

“I wholeheartedly help people. I take my job seriously but I am not praising myself. I hope Sandakan will give me a chance to represent them in the Parliament for the opposition."

“The entire Sandakan fell under the ruling party. We don't even have an MP, not a single opposition party.

“We lost in Chinese areas totally. (Let this be) the first time (for Sandakan) to use the PBS flag. PBS is a multiracial, local political party,” the 63-year-old told reporters after the nomination centre at SMJK Tiong Hua, Sandakan.

In the 14th general election, DAP, for the first time, conquered not only the Sandakan parliamentary seat but its two state seats as well, namely Elopura and Tanjung Papat.

During the earlier elections, DAP won the Sandakan parliamentary seat (through Fung Ket Wing who held the seat from 1978 to 1990) but lost both state seats.

She emphasised that PBS will highlight the check-and-balance argument during the entire campaign period.
“Yes. Check-and-balance. You need at least a person to do it. Don't forget Sandakan doesn't have any opposition representative. Zero in Parliament and state legislative assembly.

“I want to send a message to Sandakan folk: please think properly and vote for an opposition voice. At least, she can bring your demand to Parliament.”

Thanking other Sabah major opposition parties, Tsen said the opposition put forth a candidate to challenge DAP.

“I appreciate (what) Star, Sapp, Usno and MCA (did) - they didn't send any candidate to contest. If every single party fields a candidate, we will lose because of the split vote.”

At a party event after the nomination, PBS president Maximus Johnity Ongkili welcomed the other party representatives who have pledged to back PBS in this by-election, such as Star, Usno and Sabah Umno.
He also urged them to help canvass for votes for PBS from among their own party members and ensure they get out the vote on polling day.

"So to all the parties cooperating with us, first target or mission should be please find your members and canvass for votes from them so they will vote for our candidate."

The Kota Marudu MP advised everyone in attendance to work hard in the campaign for the next 14 days such as going to markets to distribute flyers, house-to-house visits and utilising their contacts within the local communities.

The Sandakan by-election will see a five-cornered fight, as officially announced by the Election Commission (EC).

Returning officer Mohamad Hamsan Awang Supain today confirmed the nomination of DAP’s Vivian Wong, Tsen and three independents for the coming polls.

The independents are Hamzah Abdullah, Chia Siew Yong and Sulaiman Abdul Samad. - Mkini

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