We commemorate the martyrdom of “Christchurch Shooting"


WHILE the tragedy of attack on two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand passed for more than a month, but the sorrows of the Ummah have not stopped by just a shed of tears.

The tragedy caused by Islamophobic dogma had dogged the emotions of the Ummah and the world community in seeing this tragedy from the other side of their eyes that Islam never threatened and taught violence or tyranny.

Still saddened by the March 15 black tragedy, the PAS Youth Council of Malaysia and New Zealand's Muslim Care NGO represented by Muhammad held a meeting on April 16 with the family of As-Syahid Muhammad Haziq Mohd Tarmizi, 17.

As-Syahid Muhammad Haziq was the only Malaysian who was killed in the "Christchurch Shooting" tragedy on March 15, 2019.

The visit was to meet the victim's family and provide assistance to them. During the meeting, we were able to meet both parents of the late Haziq; Marina and Tarmizi.

"Haziq's a very good boy. He always helped his mother without being told. Sometimes, if there were clothes in the living room, he will help folded them.

"Haziq also very helpful. As parents, sometimes we scold him but he does not show any feeling of dissatisfaction. Children usually will bang the door when get scolded to show their anger, but not Haziq. He is very obedient son,” Marina said about her son's behavior.

While we were chatting about the shooting tragedy in Christchurch, Haziq’s father; Tarmizi pointed his finger at one of the chairs at the dining table saying, "This is where Haziq always sit at this table, but now we have only five person left", said Tarmizi, with his teary eyes remembering those moments.

After the visit to Haziq’s family, we went to the grave to visit the grave of As Syahid Muhammad Haziq and other martyrs. While recite Al fatihah and prayer, we put on our determination to stay with the defence of Islamic religion and hope to get syaheed in His way.

More than month had passed, March 15 tragedy in memory, ignites the way of struggle.

March 15 had witnessed Sayyad Milne, 14, Hamza Mustafa, 16 and Muhammad Haziq, 17 among the three teenagers who were the martyrs of the tragedy. All three of them were the students whom loved by teachers and friends at school.

Hopefully we can emulate the behavior of these late three who are very kind and wise especially with their parents.

We also pray that God will make us children who are always devoted to our parents and become their good children. Hopefully with the submission of the parents, God will also bless us with a good ending and be placed among the true believers, In Shaa Allah. Aamin.

The author is the Deputy Chief, PAS Youth Council of Malaysia


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