Tourism Selangor Launches Nature Book

Tourism Selangor in collaboration with local ecologist Goh Yong Chuan and social educator Chuang Baiqi have published a book that highlights Selangor's rich eco-friendly attractions. Titled Terokai Kehijauan Selangor, the book is fully illustrated and includes field experiences and excursions written by Chuan and Baiqi in both Chinese and Malay.

Among the attractions featured in the book are Kuala Selangor, Sekinchan and Sabak Bernam, all famous for boasting rich, bio-diverse ecosystems. The latter is a renowned fishing village with vast irrigated and organised paddy fields that produce one of the highest yields of rice in the country. These carpets of brilliant green draw tourists, both local and foreign, who flock there to bask in their abundance.

With eco-tourism on the rise, the aim of the book is to underscore the state's eco-offerings, a sector that has received little recognition and suffers from development due to lack of records and published materials. The book is a large step towards mitigating this.

"Selangor has a vast eco-paradise and has some of the most diversified eco life in Peninsular Malaysia. We should support eco-tourism and educate ourselves on how to protect our environment for everyone to enjoy for years to come," said YB Puan Elizabeth Wong, Chairperson of Standing Committee, Tourism, Consumer Affairs & Environment of Selangor at the recent book launch.

Eco-tourism then focuses on both environmental protection and environmental balance, with a key fundamental being the understanding, care and education of ecology.

Find out more about Selangor's eco-hotspots in Terokai Kehijauan Selangor, which will be available in all major bookstores nationwide.

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