Statement of Condemnation of the Despicable Assassination of a Palestinian Scientist and Lecturer

21st April 2018.

Muslim Care Malaysia condemns with the strongest terms possible the dastardly assassination of the Palestinian academic and a UniKL lecturer Dr. Fadi Albatsh who was murdered today 21st April 2018 while going to lead the Fajir prayer at Surau Medan Idaman in Setapak. Our hearts go out with his family, relatives and all the Palestinian brothers and sisters in Malaysia and in Palestine and we share their grief and sorrow which were caused by this despicable crime.

It is early to determine what the real background to this sordid murder was, but we certainly can’t rule out the option that the sole beneficiary of the killing of such a brilliant scientist who received different awards of high achievements in the field of electrical engineering, is the enemy of the Palestinian people.

Muslim Care Malaysia considers this crime a sign of drastic danger and a well-planned and coordinated act of terrorism which targets our Palestinian guests. We demand the Malaysian police to double their efforts in order to end the ongoing investigations and reveal the identity of the filthy perpetrators and bring them to justice.

Moreover, Muslim Care Malaysia demands the police to provide the necessary protection to all Malaysia different guests who have sought a safe haven in our safe country.

Muslim Care Malaysia stresses its unchangeable stances to stand by the side of our Palestinians brothers and sisters and to provide them with all help and assistance till the liberation of their land and the establishment of their own sovereign country with Jerusalem AlQuds as its capital.

We pray to Almighty Allah to give patience and strength to the family and the beloved ones of martyr Fadi.

Cross Border Humanitarian Aid.

Zulkifli Wahijan
Muslim Care Malaysia society

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