Penyokong Tegar tinggalkan BN kerana terharu dengan khidmat bantuan PAS


The story began when Penang swept by a big flood. Before, no words can describe how much hatred i have towards PAS. Everyone knows that i was a hardcore supporter of UMNOBN, but then everything has changed almost 360 degrees when i saw the red ants army of PAS came to Penang and gave their hands to help those flood victims without any hesitation. Their women or 'muslimat' also joined the rescue team and uncomplaining worked for hours everyday to serve foods for the victims


They have helped the flood victims with all their hearts and didn't discriminate people due to their different races or religions. I myself witnessed how they sincerely served the people equally, gave them any help they could without asking any favour in returns. And what makes me more amazed is, they didn't even try to influence the people to give their votes for PAS during forth coming General Election (not like other political organizations). They came to Penang only for one reason - humanity!

Many of my relatives also commended the PAS' rescue team members for their great effort to help the flood victims of all races, chinene, indian, muslims or non-muslims and ensured their comforts during the hard days.

I was regretted by the UMNOBN, DAP and PH people - so surprised actually because with all the greater money power and missionaries they had compared to PAS, they couldn't serve the flood victims as good as PAS' team. From that moment, i promised myself not to throw my priceless vote to those kinda political parties. I have made my descision - GE14 my vote will go to PAS and Gagasan Sejahtera. 

Dear friends in UMNOBN, please stop being a stupid delusional supporters like me before. INI KALILAH, CHANGE!

Subra Maniam




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